ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 History, Schedule, Live Streaming, Teams

Cricket, the heartbeat of millions of crazy fans all around the world. People wait 4 long years to see the International Cricket Teams playing for glory. It’s not that simple. It’s about the largest cricket event “ICC Cricket World Cup 2019“. Not an easy game. Here we have plans to bring for you something special about the Cricket WorldCup 2019. International Cricket Council ICC has officially announced ICC World Cup Schedule. Watch Cricket world cup 2019 live streaming. Stay updated with the ICC World cup live score and ball by ball coverage. If you have not purchased World cup tickets, then you have already got late.  Book your tickets Now.

How’z that?

The ICC Cricket World Cup is going to starts May 30, 2019. 10 International cricket Nations and will continue for almost a month as the final of the biggest ICC tournament in Cricket History will be played on 14th July 2019.

England and Whales will Host ICC World Cup 2019

Winner of 2015 WorldCup

Australia won the WorldCup 2015 by 7 wickets.

NewZeland was the runner-up of WorldCup 2015.

Do you know?

Worldcup 2019 Start Date?

30th May 2019.

The 1st match of ICC Cricket WorldCup ODI will be played between England VS South Africa. Check out the Complete WorldCup Schedule 2019.


The End date of Worldcup 2019?

ICC Cricket WorldCup Final 2019 will be played on 14 July 2019.

Don’t know?

Well, it’s not a thing to worry about as we will update you about the dates, times, matches, Venue, Teams and players participating in ICC World Cup 2019.

The battle for the Glory.

But before we go ahead, let have the look at the past champions of ICC Cricket WorldCup

History of Cricket WorldCup

ICC Worldcup 1975 WinnerWest Indies

Cricket Worldcup 1979 Winner – West Indies

ICC Worldcup 1983 Winner – India

Wordcup 1992 Winner – Pakistan

ICC Cricket Worldcup 1996 WinnerSriLanka

Cricket WorldCup 1999 WinnerAustralia

ICC WorldCup 2003 ChampionsAustralia

Cricket WorldCup 2007 ChampionsAustralia

ICC Cricket WorldCup 2011 ChampionsIndia

WorldCup 2015 ChampionsAustralia

First and Last Match World Cup Schedule

It is better to know about the first and last match of the world cup. So, the first match will be played between England and South Africa on 30 May 2019 and at The Oval Cricket ground.

Similarly, the final match will be played at Lord’s Cricket Ground between the top 2 teams of the tournament.

Teams Participating in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 will have 10 National Teams playing for the glory to be World Champions. Australian National ODI team will enter the World Cup 2019 as defending champions. In Worldcup 2019 Afghanistan is participating for the 1st team. Team New Zealand, Team South Africa, Team Afghanistan, and Bangladesh National teams are those teams which have not won the world cup till now. This year the teams participating in the Worldcup are

  1. Pakistan
  2. India
  3. Australia
  4. South Africa
  5. Bangladesh
  6. West Indies
  7. Afghanistan
  8. Sri Lanka
  9. New Zealand
  10. England (Hosting the WorldCup 2019)

Each team is bound to play the other 9 teams where eventually the four top teams will play in semi-finals and finally, the top 2 teams will then confront each other at 14th of July.

The competition is very tough as ICC has only selected the top 10 Cricket Nations although the total Test Cricket Nations are 12.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Format:

The basic format of this tournament is pretty simple. This time, there will be a single group of 10 teams in which each team will play against the other 9 teams. The top four teams according to the points table will then eventually play ICC World Cup Semi Final against each other and the top two teams winning their semis will finally meat in the ICC Cricket World Cup Final.

The new format introduced by ICC is criticized by many critics because of the lack of Associate teams in this tournament. The two other Cricket Nations i.e. Ireland and Afghanistan gained the Test Playing Nation back in June 2017 but they aren’t included in the tournament. This means that it will be the first World Cup to be hosted without all Test Playing Nations.

The format was also criticized because of the qualifying round issue. Because of the qualifying round, the Associate teams were eliminated from the main competition which means that the World Cup will be eventually played without them as well.

Where to Buy ICC World Cup 2019 Tickets?

As far as the tickets of each match are concerned, one can easily buy ICC World cup tickets from the official website of ICC. The prices of ODI World Cup tickets may depend according to the cricket world cup venue and seating.

The more premium place you want, the more will be the price. You can also buy the tickets online. Apart from that the crickets lovers residing in UK can purchase Tickets of 2019 World cup from stadiums in which different world cup matches will be played.

Some third party websites have also gained the rights to sell official ICC match tickets but you should verify the website by all means before buying a ticket. Try to buy it from an official website by all means so that there is no worry of scam.

2019 World Cup Opening Ceremony:

Keeping the traditions of previous World Cups, England and Whales is also preparing for the 2019 world cup opening ceremony.

The ceremonies of the most popular tournament of Cricket differs in each country according to the culture and traditions of the country and also each country defines the theme of the Opening Ceremony of the World according to the Norms of the Nation.

Therefore, it is pretty obvious that England will definitely have a glittering Opening Ceremony of World cup 2019. The Ceremony will definitely win the hearts of all cricket loving crazy fans. People from around the globe desperately wait to watch the opening ceremony. The Entire World will have eye on the 2019 world cup opening ceremony.

ICC Cricket World Cup Live Score Details:

The live score details can be seen at different websites such as cricbuzz, ICC official website, and third-party apps as well.

For the ball by ball updates of each match, ICC official website is an ideal place for any cricket fan in this regard.

ICC World Cup Live Stream:

The world cup matches can also be seen live on different sports channels. Officially ICC has awarded the broadcasting rights to Start Sports Network which is a major broadcasting company located in India.

However, you can also see live matches of World Cup on local sports channels in your countries as they are working as partners with Star Sports Media Network.

Well, the plan is to share with you all the valuable information related to the world cup. Like starting from the history of the world cup to the current champions. How many Cricket World Cup tournaments have been played till now. Who are the Champions?

Not just that, we are also going to provide you the World Cup 2019 Schedule. Mark on the calendar and never ever think of missing any match of cricket world cup because it comes after a long time.

Apart from the schedule, we have plans to share all the information about the WorldCup Live Streaming. Live Score. Opening Ceremony and all the information what you are looking about this mesmerizing cricket gala of 2019. This is truly regarded as the biggest event of Cricket in 2019.

Who Will Win The ICC World Cup 2019?

Many people are answering this question according to the stats of different teams but according to the odds, England, India, and South Africa seems to win the tournament.

In fact, every match is going to be, do or die for every team because of the strict format introduced by ICC. However, some underdogs like Windies and Pakistan also seem to be hungry for the best tournament in cricket.

All things aside, the team with hard work and consistency will eventually thrive throughout the tournament.

The Final Words

Every cricket fan wants to know about the biggest cricket tournament in the world and this is where you can get all information about the world cup matches, world cup tickets, and world cup schedule etc. ICC World Cup 2019 is only a few months away and you should start preparing yourself for one of the most breathtaking tournaments in Cricket.