Everything You Want to Know about the Cricket World Cup 2019 Opening Ceremony

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is starting soon and it will be a treat for all the cricket fans around the world. Fans all around the world are excited about the opening ceremony because it marks the beginning of the event and is always lavishly organized by the host countries. This year, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 opening ceremony will take place on the Mall. This is outside the Buckingham Palace.

  • On May 29th, this opening ceremony will take place in front of the Buckingham Palace in the evening.
  • This opening ceremony will be featured globally between 5 to 6 pm British Standard times.
  • Some lucky fans will be able to enjoy the event live.
  • The event will be filled with sports, a lot of entertainment and live music.

Cricket World Cup 2019 Opening Ceremony:

The organizers of the event said that they are excited to announce that this event will capture the essence of this competition. They are really excited for the fans who will be lucky enough to attend the opening part live and fans all around the world who will be a part of this ceremony through live broadcast. This ceremony will be the opening point of the tournament that will take place over the next 45 days.

There was a ballot of the tickets to attend the ceremony. Fans from all over the world applied for it and the ballot is not shut. On the 7th of May, the lucky selected fans will hear from the managing team and they will get 2 tickets to the ceremony.

The managers say that they have received applications from 148 countries and 3 million fans have applied so far. This event will be a beautiful one and you can tune in to your TV channel for watching the ceremony.

Updated: June 17, 2019 — 5:12 am

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