Hot Star Live Cricket Streaming Free ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Ever since ICC announced the date for the cricket world cup, fans have been making plans of how they are going to enjoy this world cup and which teams are going to have an upper hand. You can watch all the matches on your local sports channels or you can watch them online. When you are at home, you can simply be perched on the sofa in front of your TV. However, when you are outside and you still want to know the score, you can use online channels.

hotstar live cricket streaming

At you will find every cricket match from the ICC World cup. The matches will be streamed live and the score board will be displayed for the previous matches. So, even if you have missed a match, you will still be able to read the score board and watch the highlights. The highlights and matches on the website are categorized according to the significance.

 For example, there are highlights of match in which Sachin Tendulkar made a 98 against Pakistan. Other than that, there are highlights from matches in which the finishes have been the best. Similarly, there are highlights from matches with best centuries. So, you will find everything on the website that you are looking for, in the cricketing world.

Free Live Streaming ICC World Cup on Hotstar:

You can watch the world coup for free on the website. All you have to do is go to the website and you will see the notification for matches that are going to be played that day. You can tune in and watch that match on your mobile device.

Another benefit of using this website is the score board. Sometimes, you may miss a match or some portion of the match. You can read the scoreboard so that you do not feel lost as to what is happening on screen.

Is this World Cup Different?

ICC has made some changes in the format and fixtures this year. The matches will be played in round robin format with single group. This is the same format that was followed in 1992 and it is making a comeback after 27 years. Other than that, the number of teams have also been reduced to 10 only. Some people are criticizing this but we have to see how this would actually turn out in the tournament.

The opening ceremony for ICC World cup 2019 will be right in front of the amazing Buckingham Palace and the organizers say that they will make sure that the event starts with celebration and excitement. The first match will also be played the same day and then the teams will come against each other in matches played in England and Wales.

The winning team will get a huge sum of money and the players will get a bonus from their respective boards. So, watch this world cup on to see which players made records and which teams performed best.

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