ICC Cricket Umpire Salaries for World Cup 2019

Umpires are important figures on the field. They keep track of everything that is happening on the field and decide if a player is out or not. For that, the umpire has to be attentive all the time. The Emirates Elite Panel was announced in 2012 and many umpires have been recruited in this panel.

Cricket Umpire Salaries

As a result of this, they are enjoying many perks such as free traveling to different parts of the world and higher salaries. The Umpire Panel has been sponsored by Emirates and some good umpires are hired on a contract basis and they also get a fee for each match. Their performance also matters so their performance is checked during each match too.

Aleem Dar is ranked the best umpire in the ICC world. He started his career in 2000 and is still on the field. He has umpired in 118 test matches, 190 One day International matches and 43T 20 matches. There are also other umpires such as Ian Gould who has been umpiring since 2006. He has umpired in 65 test matches, 125ODIs, and 37T20 matches.

Experienced umpires are paid higher than the ones with lesser experience so the salary package is different for each umpire. The average salary for umpires that are newly recruited is $35,000 annually. Along with this salary, they also get match fees that different from one match to another.

Umpire Salaries for World Cup 2019:

  • Currently, Aleem Dar earns $45,000 monthly and charges $3000 for a test match and $1000 for ODI.
  • Billy Bowden also earns the same yearly salary and has the same fees for test and ODIs.
  • Bruce Oxenford earns a yearly salary of $35,000 but his fees for test matches and ODIs are the same as the previous two umpires.

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