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With the cricket season in action, fans are excited about the possible turnout in the tournament and their favorite teams contesting against each other. The ICC world cup takes place after 4 years so fans have to wait for a long time to see their favorite teams and players in the tournament. This year, the tournament will begin at the end of May on 30th May. This year, the world cup will be held in Wales and England and the first match will also be played by England.

Opening Ceremony for World Cup 2019:

Before the start of the tournament, there is an opening ceremony in which there are a lot of celebrations and the cricket season is officially kicked off. This year, the opening ceremony will take place outside the Buckingham palace. ICC has given tickets to some lucky fans who applied to be there at the live ceremony.

Other fans will be able to watch the opening ceremony at home on their TV screens. You can watch the opening ceremony on Cricbuzz too which is an online broadcasting platform for all the cricket matches that are played. So, even if you do not have tickets for the opening ceremony in England, you can be a part of the celebrations at home.

Teams in ICC World Cup 2019:

In this year’s world cup, there will be lesser teams than the previous edition. In the previous edition, 14 teams played while this year, only 10 teams will play in the world cup. These teams were chosen from the top 8 teams in the ranking of ICC and then the rest of the team were chosen in the Qualifiers round. This took place last year at Harare ground and two teams were selected. The last two teams to qualify for the cricket world cup were West Indies and Afghanistan.

Where Can You Watch ICC World Cup 2019?

This year, you can watch the world cup on designated TV channels that have been authorized by ICC to show the matches online. There are different channels for each country and region. The matches will also be broadcasted ion YouTube so you can watch them live. If you do not have access to these forums, you can watch the match on Cricbuzz and get ball by ball score of the matches that are being played in the tournament.

The schedule is displayed on the website so you will know which matches are being played that day and the next day. If you have missed a match, worry not, because the scoreboard is on the website and you can see who won and by what margin. Other than that, all cricket updates and news are also present on the website so you can learn more about what is happening in the cricketing world. Stay updated with all the happenings in cricket on Cricbuzz and enjoy the action.

Let’s hope this world cup is as exciting as the previous ones.

Updated: May 29, 2019 — 12:15 am

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