ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Live Cricket Online

Back in the day, everyone used to gather around the TV and the whole family would watch the cricket match together. Lives have become busier now and people do not find the time to sit in front of their TV screen for so many hours. However, this is not a reason to miss your favorite teams’ matches. You can watch your favorite players do their best on the field, online too.

For that, you can enjoy live streaming on different websites like Cricbzuz and many more. The ICC world Cup will is going to start soon and it will also be broadcasted on different sports channels around the world. These sports channels also come with their supporting website where they have the live streaming online option for those people who do not want to sit in front of the TV for so long.

What Can We Expect From ICC World Cup 2019?

This world cup will be different from the previous ones because some rules and the format has been changed. First of all, there are lesser teams. In the 2015 edition, 14 teams played but in the 2019 world cup, only 10 teams will be playing.

Another change that ICC has made in this world cup is that they are going to follow the round robin format which was used in 1992. All teams will be a single group and they will play against all other teams.

Since there are 10 teams, every team will have to play 9 matches. After that, the final four teams will be selected for the semifinals. There will be two matches in the semifinal series and then two teams will reach the final. These teams will come in front of each other at Lord’s and the final winner will be selected there.

How Can You Watch These Matches?

World cup matches are much more fun than normal cricket matches. This is because there is more excitement and the stands are filled with fans who cheer their teams and favorite players. Also, there is a lot of betting going on and the excitement level is just extraordinary. This is why cricket matches in the world cup get so much coverage.

You can either watch the matches on TV or on your tablet or phone. Some local TV channels also have their YouTube live pages where they will air the world cup matches. Other than that, you can go to websites such as hotstar and cricbuzz where you will find the ongoing match and the previous matches easily. For a quick summary of the match, you can take a look at the scoreboard and get a summary from the highlights.

Some websites even have special videos made in which they have saved all the best finishes, the best wickets, run outs and highlighting moments from the tournament. So, do not miss out on the fun this edition with the online sources of watching the ICC cricket world cup.

Updated: May 29, 2019 — 12:18 am

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