ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Prediction

Before any world cup, there are many predictions. Cricket gurus talk about which team has a better chance of winning and why. Now, no one can be certain about the winning team but everyone can assume and make guesses. World cup 2019 has some awesome teams that are all good in their own ways.

Who will win world cup 2019

While some teams have a very strong balling attack, there are others who excel at batting. Some teams win matches due to their impeccable fielding and strategic gameplay. Before the game, we can only predict which team will win, based on their performance in the past 4 years. In these years, some teams have gotten better while others have lost the charm that they had in the last world cup.

Who Will Win World Cup 2019?

Let us talk about Australia and New Zealand first as they went to the finals last time. Both the teams are in their best form with Australia having won a series recently. Some new additions to the team are done to make sure that the squad is all equipped for the big tournament.

India is another favorite because of the batting of this team. Players like Virat Kohli are the reason that many cricket fans are predicting and hoping that India will win once again, just like it did 8 years ago. When we talk about India, we also have to talk about the neighboring country, Pakistan.

Having won their last ICC ODI World Cup in 1992, Pakistan has failed to bag any more trophies after that in ODIs. However, the team is quite unpredictable and with new, younger players in the team, the team can actually surprise in the world cup. Other than that, England will definitely be a favorite along with South Africa.

Updated: June 17, 2019 — 4:40 am

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