ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 SonyLiv Live CWC Streaming

In this ICC World cup, many teams will be playing and they all have fans from all over the world. These fans want to see how their teams are playing. Since there will be a total of 9 matches for each team, all squads will get quite a lot of action. The world cup will kick off at the end of May with the first match being played by England in England. The opening ceremony will also be held in England and some lucky fans will be able to enjoy it live in front of the Buckingham Palace. Here is a list of the first few fixtures in the world cup.

sonyliv live cricket streaming world cup 2019

  • The first match will be played between South Africa and England on Thursday, May 30th.
  • The second match will be played between Pakistan and West Indies on the very next day.
  • In the third match, Sri Lanka will play against New Zealand.
  • In the fourth match, Afghanistan and Australia will face each other.
  • South Africa will play again in the next match against Bangladesh on 2nd of June.
  • Pakistan will play its second match on the 3rd of June, against England.

ICC World Cup 2019 Format

Previously, the teams were divided into groups and they played against each other. However, in this tournament, there will only be one big group and teams will play against each other according to the round robin format. They will play against all other teams of the tournament. In total, there will be 10 teams and each team will get to play 9 times.

ICC World Cup 2019: Where to Watch?

Now, there are many places where you can watch the cricket world cup. You can keep track of all the matches and support the team of your home country. The obvious way to watch the world cup is on your TV screens. Back in the day, everyone used to gather around the television set and watch the match together.

Another way to watch the cricket world cup is on the online websites such as Cricbuzz. These websites have a chat section too so you can talk about the match will people who are watching it from other parts of the world. The schedule, score board and prediction are all updated on the website every day so you can keep up with everything in the cricket world cup.

Thirdly, you can watch the world cup matches on Sony Liv or other online websites that are linked with TV channels. The TV channels that have been authorized by ICC also have their own websites so that people can watch the matches there too if they want to.

All matches are broadcasted live and you will not miss any action. The commentary is crisp and clear and so is the video. You just need a good Internet connection and everything will go smoothly. So, enjoy the world cup this edition with Sony Liv and support your favorite teams online.

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