ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Start Sport Live in Hindi

Cricket is a sport that is loved and played in all continents of the world with most enthusiasts being in Africa and Asia. This year, the ICC Cricket world cup will take placed and cricket lovers are extremely excited about the matches that they will see played between their favorite teams. 10 teams will face each other and the best two will make it to the finals. Like all other world cups, there will be a huge prize for the winner and all teams will hope to win this big prize.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Live Broadcast:

The host countries for this edition of the world cup are England and Wales so all the matches will take place there. The first match will be in England and so will be the final match. Since all fans cannot go to the stadium to watch the matches, the games will be aired on TV. ICC has selected TV channels from all around the world for live broadcast of this huge event. Since the commentary is in English, which is the language of majority, there are some people who cannot understand, just by listening, what is happening in the match.

This is why the radio broadcast of world cup matches is often in local language. For example, if you are living in India, the local radio broadcast will have Hindi commentary so that majority of the people can understand what is going on, just by listening. Star Sports is a channel that airs many sport but since the world cup is starting, they will exclusively show world cup matches during the match timings.

 If you are not planning to watch the matches on TV or cannot watch them at home, there is no need to worry because you can watch them live. Star sports live broadcast is on their website and the best part is that there is also a Hindi commentary version so you can easily understand what the commentators are saying.

What to Expect in this World Cup?

The round robin single group format is being used in this world cup after 1992 so you can expect there to be slight changes in the way teams move forwards. Every team will compete against other participants of the world cup, whether it is a weak or a strong team. Now, this could give tough time to the players or it could increase the chances of players making new records as they will be playing more innings.

There are only 10 teams which are the best in the world right now so you can expect a tough competition. Moreover, some teams have been favorites for a long time but we will be hoping to see some upsets because they add to the excitement. To stay tuned with the cricket world cup 2019 and watch all the matches, you can go on to Star Sports live. Enjoy the match will other people watching from around the country.

Updated: June 25, 2019 — 2:45 pm

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