ICC Cricket World Cup Highest Wicket Takers

Cricket is all about saving your wicket and making a score. This is where the bowlers come in. They are an integral part of any team because they can keep the score at a minimum. Many teams are strong because of their bowling attack and they succeed even though their batting is not as strong. Bowlers make a lot of records with their wicket taking and that earns their teams the win.

When we look at world cup stats, we can see that Australia ranks on the top of most wicket taking bowler. The highest wicket taker of ICC world cups is GD McGrath who has taken a total of 71 wickets in the time span of 11 years.

  • On the second position, we have M Muralitharan from Sri Lanka who has taken 68 wickets in world cups. As compared to McGrath, he has played one more world cup.
  • On the third position, we have the famous Pakistani bowler, Wasim Akram who has taken 55 wickets in his world cup career from 1987 to 2003.
  • On the fourth position, there is WPUJC Vaas from Sri Lanka who has taken 49 wickets in the 3 world cups that he has played.
  • On the 5th position, we have Z Khan from India who has taken 44 wickets and J Srinath, also from India, has taken the same number of wickets as Khan. However, Khan took the wickets in 3 world cups while Srinath took 4 world cups for those wickets.

Wicket Taking for the Win:

Most of the times, when the batting line collapses, the job of getting the win comes to the bowlers. They have to keep the score from the opposing team limited and get as many wickets as possible. Hopefully, this world cup will be a shining event for the bowlers too.

Updated: May 28, 2019 — 11:54 pm

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