ICC World Cup 2019 Prize Money Confirmed

ICC World cup is not only about the cricket action but it is also about winning. The team that wins gets certain prize money and runner up teams also get prize money. ICC has been increasing the prize money in every tournament.

When the world cup took place in 2003, the prize money was $4.5million and the prize money for 2007 was lesser than this. However, in 2011, ICC doubled the prize money to $10 million. For 2019, the prize money will be $14 million which is after a whopping 40% increase in the previous world cup’s prize money.

Prize Money for Runner Ups

  • The winning team will get $4.8 million for this world cup.
  • The runner ups will get $2.2 million in this tournament.
  • The semi-finalists who lose will get $1 million each. This amount was $600,000 in the last world cup.
  • 8 teams who are eliminated from the group stages will receive $500,000 each. These are the quarterfinalist teams.
  • $50,000 will be awarded to each team for every group match win.

When we make a total of this amount, it comes up to $14 million which is 40% more than last time’s $10 million. So, this is a summary of all the money that teams will be getting once they win. The winning team will take a huge sum of money home so all teams will be hoping to win this tournament.

The money from each team’s win is distributed between the players and the money is also spent on the betterment of the team. So, this world cup will be a great tournament that all teams will be hoping to win at any cost. You can enjoy the world cup online or on your TV as it will be broadcasted.

Updated: May 29, 2019 — 12:01 am

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