Indian Cricketers Salaries 2019-20 (Revealed)

Cricket players earn quite a decent amount of money for their skills and sport. A lot of fans are interested in knowing how much cricketers actually earn for their game. BCCI has released the detail of contracts that it has made with the 32 players in the team.

These players are divided into 3 categories and these categories are A, B and C. Players are selected for each category based on their performance in the past few matches and their experience in the game. The duration of this contract is 1 year. Since the debutants are new, they are in the C category.

There is a retainer fee which is guaranteed fee for each year that a cricket player gets. The players in category A get 2 crore each year while those in category B get 1 crore. Players in the third category get 50 lakh a year. Other than these, the players are paid for each match. Payment for each match is the same for all players no matter which category they are in.

  • For a test match, the players get 1.5 million (INR).
  • For ODI, every player gets 0.6 million (INR)
  • Every player gets 3 lakh for every T20 match that they play.

Salaries for Individual Players:

Some players in Category A are MS Dhoni, Viral Kohli, C Pujara, Ravi Jadeja and Ravi Ashwin. Other than this, many other players also play in this category. Individual performance bonuses are also given to players. While 5 lakh is given to players who make a double century in test or ODI, players also get bonus for taking more wickets. The team that wins this world cup will also get a team performance reward that will be distributed between all players. So, cricket players are earning quite well for their skills.

Updated: May 29, 2019 — 12:15 am

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