Indian Premier League 2018 Points Table

Indian Premier League 2018 Points Table

The very own brand of India, the Pride of India has now grown to 11 season. The Indian Premier League 2018 Points Table will uploaded and updated here as the IPL 11th season starts. Points, run rate, matches and rankings will be uploaded here.

Indian Premier League 2018 Points Table will be kept on ticking with start of League in February. The most interesting thing is that, IPL 2018 now contains six teams which are

  • Mumbai Indians
  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Kings XI Punjab
  • Delhi Daredevils
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore

means more players and more international players. All matches will be played in India in Different Cities  IPL.

Here is the last season standings of IPL teams

[team_standings id=”82″ title=”” number=”5″ columns=”p,w,l,d,t,points” show_team_logo=”1″ show_full_table_link=”1″ align=”none”] [quads id=4]

This year ahead, this above format will continue except that there’ll be a sixth group in the reckoning also. So that the eight teams will play each other at a house and away format using a total of 57 matches in the league stages of this championship.

In the event of abandonment, the two groups will get 1 point. At the conclusion of the point, the best four teams will be eligible for its semi-final matches. The winners of those 2 semi-finals will face-off at the closing on May 27 to ascertain the greatest winner of this championship.


Indian Premier League 2018 Points Table

all the information is available here 

IPL T20 Rules

IPL will stick to the rules and regulation laid down by ICC that are also followed by additional cricket leagues.

Points will be given as follows throughout the group phase:

PSL T20 According to International Rules
1) Two points will be given for a win.
2) 1 point each will be given to both groups in the event of no outcome.
3) When the scores are tied at the conclusion of a game, a super over will determine the winner. This is also true for the group phases.

The Game of Points.

1) If groups are about equal number of factors, higher amount of wins.
2) If equal, then net rate.
3) If equal, then reduced bowling attack rate.
4) If equal, then the end result of head-to-head assembly will decide the comparative standing of those groups.
5) At the close of the league phase of the championship, four of those five groups will make it into the next round, the playoffs.
6) The subsequent two rated sides, Team 3 and Team 4 will perform within an eliminator, together with the losing team crashing out.
7) The winning team at the Team 3 v Team 4 match will take on the losing team at the Team 1 v Team 2 match in what’s going to be the third game of this knock-outs. The winner of the experience is likely to make the closing.

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