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PTV Sports Live Streaming

PTV Sports is the 1st sports channel of Pakitan. This channel is operated under the government of Pakistan. The Channel covers multiple sports events from all across the globe. These sports events include Cricket, Football, Tennis, Hockey and the list goes on and on. Apart from the Ptv Sports Live streaming is quite popular on the web. Many internet users have seen multiple live matches via PTV Sports Live Streaming.

As the channel PTV Sports is under the direct supervision of the government of Pakistan that’s why this channel has very strong and high authority. Also, the age of the Channel is quite a prominent factor in making this channel a solid platform.

That is the reason, the PTV sports live streaming is widely searched on the web due to the splendid video quality of PTV Sports also the uninterrupted and fast live streaming. This sports channel is watched by many across the globe.

DMCA & Legal Issues

It should have to be strongly noticed that we don’t violate any copyright act. We are just the information provider of the sports named Cricket. We don’t show the live streaming directly by hosting on our servers. Rather we find it the complete violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We just search for the free sources that are providing embed code of the live streaming. These free sources for the embed code providers include Youtube, SmartCric, Cricfree, Hulu, and CricHD.

For your convenience, we have also shared the links of the sources which provide the embedding feature.

We would like to provide a Strong Disclaimer here that Please Please Please check manually and if you find any network violating the Copyright you should have to contact directly to the people who are uploading videos on the net. Because they are the source. They have the upload file, upload stream. Like if we share the embed code from youtube, it’s the responsibility of youtube not to provide the embed code. But if a network is providing the embed code, that is obviously for sharing a purpose.

Kindly contact the uploader and streamers. We are just the information providers and we take information for the reliable sources and if we share a video that is in the form of Embed Code.

Kindly contact the embed code providers.

Updated: March 3, 2019 — 7:28 pm

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