T10 Cricket League Opening Ceremony Live Streaming 2018

The 2nd season of the T10 league i.e T10 league 2018 is going to start on 21st November 2018. The T10 league 2017 was a big hit. We all know that every sports event begins with the Opening Ceremony. Then how is it possible that will miss the t10 cricket league opening ceremony 2018.  T10 league become attracted the attention of the huge audience from across the globe. The beauty of T10 league is that you get sizzling cricket non-stop 90 minutes action.

90 minutes of mind-blowing entertainment. Another important thing that attracts more attention is the presence of Bollywood and Lollywood stars in the league. In T10 league 2017, many celebrities from India participated in the T10 cricket league opening ceremony. Amongst the celebrities from Bollywood and Lollywood, the center of attraction was the famous Bollywood star, Zareen Khan.

t10 cricket league opening ceremony


T10 cricket league 2018 is all set to be played in Sharjah. From the 1st match till the Final all matches will be played in Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE. Here is the complete T10 Cricket League 2018 Schedule. The start date is 21st November 2018 and the T10 Leauge 2018 will end on 2nd December 2019.  The T10 cricket league opening ceremony will be held on Nov 21, 2018. Many national and international players and celebrities are invited in the opening ceremony of T10 League 2018. Want to know more about t10 cricket league opening ceremony?

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T10 Cricket League Opening Ceremony

This year is going to be even huge. What is going to happen in the t10 cricket league opening ceremony? The cricket fans will get a chance to see live Pakistani and Indian Super Stars celebrating the gala of the most amazing format of the sport named cricket. The Opening Ceremony of T10 league 2018 will witness Bollywood stars like Salman Khan, Zareen Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan (Whois also the owner of Maratha Arabians)  and big names of cricket world like Shahid Afridi, Virender Sehwag, Eoin Morgan. After Shahrukh Khan and Pretty Zinta got the ownership rights of IPL teams, many celebrities and Bollywood families got involved in Cricket. Don’t forget to watch the complete T10 cricket league schedule 2018.


If you follow sports and Bollywood, you have noticed that many Bollywood Celebrities have involved in the different sports leagues. India has an awesome fan following for sports and Bollywood. The combination of two makes a huge business. Likewise, the famous Bollywood family, “Morani Family” own the Northern Warriors Team. Morani Family has already batted for the Opening Ceremony of T10 league 2018. Similarly, from Pakistan, You will see the involvement of Ary Media Group in T10 league 2018.


Many famous TV celebrities are closely linked to the ARY Media Group. They will definitely play their role to support the Media Group. Cricket fans, get ready. You are going to witness a mesmerizing T10 league 2018 Opening Ceremony. This will be a splendid combo. Lights, Camera, Action, Music, Dance, Pakistani Celebrities, Indian Celebrities and of course the Cricket SuperStars will all amaze you at the Opening Ceremony of T10 league 2018.

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of Opening Ceremony of T10 league 2017.

Opening Ceremony Highlight 2017

A glamour-filled opening ceremony of world’s first T10 Cricket League is being held at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium amid spectacular light show and performances by top celebrities. There was a beautiful light show in the opening ceremony of T10 league 2017. Sizzling dance performances from Pakistani and Indian stars. The Speech of the Excellency Sheikh Nehan bin Mubarak al Nahyan was a very important part of the Opening Ceremony T10 league 2017.

Followed by the Speech, other very important contributors shared their thoughts. These included a very interesting speech of Shaji Ul Mulk (President T10 League). After Shaji Ul MulkDr. Nowhera shaik (All India MEP National President) shared her thoughts.  As Heera Group Of India is the major sponsor of the T10 League. The T10 league 2017 was named after the sponsor. Hera T10 League. After the Speeches, the trophy was displayed. The major center of attraction in the T10 League Opening Ceremony was the dance performance of Pakistani TV Celebrity Hareem Farooq.

First Match of T10 League 2018

Follow by the T10 cricket league opening ceremony, the first match of T10 League, 2018 will be played between Rajputs vs Karachians according to local time match will start 4.30 pm and according to GMT first match of T10 will start at 6.30 pm GMT. All matches of T10 League will be played at Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE. For Complete Match, details check this out. Karachians Vs Rajputs. If you don’t know about the T10 live streaming info and TV broadcast. Must check out our TV broadcast and live streaming article.

Every match of T10 league has just 90 minutes match and 10 overs. This is the biggest reason for T10 popularity. This T10 league is also famous for the tagline and the trending hashtag #AbBusDus in twitter and other social media platforms. Cricket Pundits have already declared it as the Future of the cricket. The T10 format of the game means, No Mercy. Brutal shot making. Bowlers find their soul in deep trouble. Batsman has nothing to think. They have to hit the ball as hard as they can. This is what T10 Cricket is all about.

The Final of the T10 league 2018 will be played on December 02, 2019. I have provided you all details regarding T1o league 2018 Final. All the details related to the schedule, teams, date, time, venue of the T10 league Final has been discussed in the link shared with you guys. Also, I have included that, how can you watch the live stream of the Final. In Addition, also details are provided about the format. TV Broadcaster, live streaming providers. So, what are you waiting for? Stay tuned to t10league.org for latest updates and information About the most scintillating cricket event of the year. Yes, It is T10 League.

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