T10 Cricket League Schedule, Fixtures, Time Table, Venues | T10 league 2018

T10 Cricket League Schedule 2018

One of the most thrilling tournaments of the Cricket, T10 League is going to start from November 23, 2018. The amazing and scintillating tournament of Cricket will keep on spreading joys, emotions, thrill, tensions in the heart of the cricket fans for 10 days. T10 League ending date is  December 2, 2018. So, the fans will have 10 days of non-stop cricket entertainment. T10 Cricket League schedule 2018 is now available.t10 cricket league schedule

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the most scintillating cricket event of Twenty Eighteen. The tten governing body officially released the t10 cricket league 2018 schedule.

The picture of the T10 Schedule 2018 is available in our article.  T10 cricket league schedule 2018 of the tournament. Please keep on reading. If you want to download and save the t10 cricket league 2018 schedule, it is provided in this article.

Searching for T10 cricket league schedule 2018

For your convenience, I have added all the details in the t10 cricket league 2018 schedule. You will be happy to see the T10 cricket league schedule, fixture, time table 2018 for the 1st time on t10league.org. The information included also has valuable updates regarding cricket league organizer, t10 cricket league final 2018.

Want to Know the T10 league Schedule 2018. Keep on reading. In additions, all match information including,

  • Match Date.
  • Teams participating.
  • Venue of the match.
  • Time of the match.

Note: All times are local time. Therefore you will have to check your local time. As in the t10 cricket league schedule. We have provided all the local times, you check ur times.

All details are provided.

For Complete Schedule, Check The Table below.

I would suggest you, before jumping directly into the T10 cricket league schedule, you should have to look at the teams.

Also, don’t forget to check the team members.

What happens this way. This, actually helps in developing more interest in the tournament.

T10 League 2018 Teams

Total 8 Teams are participating in the tournament.

What! Really 8 Teams this year. But last year 6 teams participated in the tournament?

Yes! T10 league 2018 is full of surprises.

Along with entertainment and also the number of matches is also increased.

This is the most exciting news for our beloved cricket fans. The t10 cricket league schedule has been formulated beautifully. The popularity of T10 league has increased exceptionally well. Keeping in view, the fan’s interest in the T10 League, the governing body has decided to add 2 new teams.

There 2 groups. Groups A and Group B. Group A has 4 teams, Group B has 4 teams. Each team will play other teams in the group. This is the round robin stage. The t10 cricket league schedule has 4 stages. 1st stage, group matches, then mix matches, then eliminators and Final. The pic and pdf file of t10 cricket league schedule is given.

The groups and Teams are as follows;

[table id=1 /]

The 1st season of the T10 Cricket League comprised of total 6 teams. The progress of T10 league in contrast to other leagues in mind-blowing. This is just the 2nd year of the T10 league and total teams participating in T10 cricket league 2018 are 8. The addition of 2 new teams has added more charm and craze in the tournament.

T10 Cricket League Schedule | T10 League 2018

[table id=7 /]

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An Introduction to T10 League 2018

Before moving toward the T10 Cricket League Schedule 2018, here is an introduction and history of  T10 League 2018.

You know what I believe. Apart from providing you information about the t10 cricket league 2018 schedule, I want to provide you as much knowledge of T10 league as I can. So, be prepared. The game is still on.

Cricket” is given the value of the religion, in certain areas of the globe. This is the reason, Cricket has such a craze in the entire globe which no other sport has. Just Imagine, a sport that is played in 10-15 countries of the world is followed in the entire world.

Just name any sport whose single match is played for 5 days. Sometimes the result comes as a draw. Yet the love for the sport, the passion for the sport, the craze is always there. Either it is

  • Friendly Series
  • Country Tour
  • Tri-Nation series
  • National League
  • International league
  • ICC World Cup
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • Asia Cup

Cricket keep on tickling the hearts of the crazy cricket fans 24/7/365. Here we will discuss the T10 Cricket League Schedule, Fixtures of the 2nd season of T10 league i.e T10 League 2018. Along with the schedule if is extremely important for you to know about the t10 cricket league teams squad. 

Because of its all about team. How they are placed in the different groups. The teams match. Which team will play against which opponent?

Before we proceed further let’s have a look at the matches that would be played. 

GROUP A MATCHES – T10 league Schedule

Rajputs Vs Kerala Kings

Kerala Kings Vs Pakhtoons

Karachians Vs Kerala Kings

Pakhtoons VS Karachians

Rajputs Vs Karachians

Rajputs Vs Pakhtoons

It would be interesting for you if you would have the knowledge about t10 cricket league teams squad

GROUP B MATCHES – T10 Cricket League 2018 schedule

Punjabi Legends Vs Maratha Arabians

Northern Warriors Vs Punjabi Legends 

Punjabi Legends Vs Bengal Tigers

Bengal Tigers Vs Northern Warriors

Maratha Arabians Vs Bengal Tigers 

Northern Warriors Vs Maratha Arabians

If you want to know about the player, squads, the strategy of the teams participating these here you go t10 cricket league teams squad

T10 League 2018 Importance

T10 League is regarded as the most entertaining Cricket gala as the people today want to watch the excitement, thrill, passion in the cricket. The Cricket which is more lethal, more destructive, more engaging. Just imagine a test match in which the batsman has all the time in the world to settle and then play with the cool, calm and composed mind. If we shift from Test Cricket to ODI, the batsman try to rotate the strike and keep the scoreboard ticking all the time. Now come to the more thrilling gala of Cricket format T20 cricket which amuses most of the Crowd. Updated t10 league schedule is available now.

The need of T10 League

If T-20 has such a craze, then what would be the caliber of T10 cricket in which Batsmen hardly find any time to settle. That’s the reason cricket is getting more and more fast and exciting. If you look into the past till 1992, the avg ODI score in one innings was 220. But if you fast forward 2 decades you would be surprised to see the change. Have you checked the t10 cricket league 2018 schedule? You must have to. This decade has seen 400+ runs in one inning and that was also chased in the same match. All this has been made possible due to the rapid changes in cricket formats. The faster formats of the games have tuned batsmen to score runs at a faster pace. The T10 league Schedule is Updated on this site on October 30, 2018.

So the Cricket Fans,

Are you ready – For the most exciting feast of Cricket?

You would be highly amused to know that the ICC has given approval of the 2nd edition of T10 Cricket league. The T10 League Chairman Shaji Ul-Mulk proves it as one the most amazing step by ICC in the growth and promotion of T10. The feature image shows the Franchise owners plus brand Ambassador and the Chairman. They are talking to the press conference after finalizing the T10 league schedule 2018.

This makes the tournament a must watch the thriller and gets the global broadcast and is available in every part of the world. Don’t take it Light – This will steal your heart away. When you look at the t10 cricket league 2018 schedule, you must say that this is it. This is the best T10 Schedule you have every witnessed till now.

T10 League 2017 – Highlights

T10 League 2017 was full of entertainment. There were joys, laughter’s, thrill, amusement and lots and lots of fun and off-course cricket. In the Season 1 of T10 league i.e T10 league 2017,  according to the t10 cricket schedule Maratha Arabians and  Pakhtoons joined the Punjabi Legends and Kerala Kings in the Semi-Final of T10 cricket league. The Semi-Final t10 cricket schedule – Kerala Kings Vs Maratha Arabians and Pakhtoons Vs Punjabi Legends.

Kerala Kings defeated Maratha Arabians by 5 wickets to win The first Semi-final of T10 Cricket League 2017. Before going forward don’t forget to check the T10 Schedule. In the 2nd semi-final of T10 Cricket League 2017, Punjabi Legends defeated Pakhtoons. 

T10 Cricket League 2017 Final

Final of the T10 league – Teams: Punjabi Legends and Kerala Kings. Kerala Kings defeated Pakhtoons by 8 wickets and 10 balls remaining. The Final of the 1st edition of the T10 cricket proved to be a sizzler as expected.

Punjabi Legends batting 1st scored 120/3 in 10 overs. Top scorers were  L Ronchi who scored amazing 70 runs off 34 balls.

The other top scorer was Shoaib Malik. Malik faced 14 balls and scored 26 Runs. 

Kerala Kings in Reply completed the target in the 8 Overs sparing 12 balls. Top scorers were EJG Morgan with 63 runs of 21 balls and PR Stirling with 52 runs just scored on 23 balls. So the Winner of the 1st Season of T10 Cricket was Kerala Kings.

T10 League 2018 New Teams

It is very important to mention that in the 1st Season of T10 Cricket League, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) played a pivotal role and back the tournament. It is the combined effort of PCB and the Heera Group of India that the tournament was made possible. The Official Sponsors of the tournament was Heera Group of India. The Official T10 Schedule 2018 is here now. Must check t10 cricket schedule. The 2nd season of the T10 league has been made more exciting by adding 2 new teams to the tournament. These 2 new teams are Karachians and Northern Warriors.

The Sri Lankan side is now in the tournament with a new name as the Rajasthan Heroes and will consist of players from all over the world. Check the Draft of 2018.

Online Ticket Details With T10 Schedule

Tickets of the T10 League will be available at the Management allows to sale them. With the release of the T10 Schedule 2018, the management decides to distribute the tickets. We can provide you with information that when and how you can buy the tickets. In today’s era of technology, you don’t need to go to the stadium or bank or other places for the purchase of the tickets.

Online platforms are available where you can just access, enter your details, choose the tickets, pay by credit/debit card and here you go. A very well known site for the purchase of tickets is Q-Tickets. Check out the T10 Schedule 2018. You can buy the tickets online from Q-Tickets. In T10 league 2017 tickets were also available at the following retail outlets – branches of UAE Exchange, Al Fardan Exchange, Al Ghurair Exchange, Leopards Courier, and Karachi Darbar.

You must be pleased to know that, some extremely loved cricketers like Shahid Afridi, Dwayne Bravo, and Virender Sehwag, have all been named a part of the T10 Schedule and also participating in T10 league 2018. These big names will be joined by a host of other such cricketers, making the league more interesting and worth appreciating. For more details check T10 cricket league 2018 squads.

Don’t miss to check out these useful links related to T10 league 2018.

Broadcast TV Channels | T10 League 2018

The Managing Body along with the mutual understanding and consent of ICC decide to give the broadcast right and live streaming rights to different TV broadcasters in different regions of that world. It is not possible that a single TV Channel / TV Broadcaster will get the permission of t10 cricket league broadcast, the entire tournament in the entire globe.

I have collected information from different reliable resources about the t10 cricket league broadcast to keep you updated. TV Broadcast information is provided in our Live Streaming and TV Channel article.

According to the t10 cricket league schedule, you can watch your favorite match live streaming. One thing which is quite surprising for me is that ARY Network will telecast the tournament in UK and USA. The Table below will show you the official broadcasters of T10 Cricket League.

[table id=2 /]

The live streaming links of T10 league 2018

T10 league Live Streaming is available on the internet. There is no information available about the official Live Streaming Partner. Pakistan people can enjoy t10 live streaming free online. Do forget to check, t10 league 2018 schedule.

T10 league Live streaming Geo Super is a good source of watching the match live. The serves sometimes don’t show proper streaming.  T1o league Live Streaming PTV sports provide live streaming of T10 league. Pakistani viewers enjoy the t10 cricket league broadcast as well as t10 league live streaming ten sports.

The T10 league 2018 live streaming can be watched online different sites. These sites don’t have official live-streaming rights. ICC and management committee reserves the broadcasting rights of each and every single tournament. Pakistani viewers can also enjoy the t10  live streaming geo super

It depends upon the official governing body to distribute the rights.  Different websites provide live streaming of different cricket series. T10 schedule pictures are provided below. For your convience, t10league.org has also uploaded the pdf format of the t10 schedule 2018.

T10 Live Streaming 2018

For T10 league live streaming you can check iFlix. There is a possibility that you will get live stream there. The live streaming right is also confined to specific regions.

There is also the possibility that iflix might now show the live streaming in your region.  Indian viewers can check if they can watch the T10 Cricket League live streaming online with SonyLiv.

As far as the t10 cricket league broadcast is concerned, the table below tells you the entire detail. The T10 cricket league live score is updated on cricketgateway along with T10 League 2018 Live Streaming.

T10 League 2018 Schedule

The second edition of the T10 Cricket League (or TCL as it is called) will be played from Nov 23, 2018, please read the full t10 cricket schedule.  Eight teams participate in the competition for the ultimate prize in the 10-over format of the game. The 10-day tournament begins from November 23 at Sharjah Cricket Stadium. The official t10 cricket league schedule has been announced.

For the second season, this four-day competition will be changed to a 10-day tournament played between November 23 and December 2 and an additional two teams will be added to it to make it an eight-side tourney.

Can You image?

90 Minutes Cricket Match – T10 Cricket League 2018

Yes, 90 minutes cricket. This is the time duration of the T10 league match. Same time as that of a soccer match. Therefore now you can say that cricket is not a boring game now.

Yes, Cricket is Entertainment Today.

These two new teams are the Karachians and Northern Warriors. Team Sri Lanka is now Rajasthan Heroes and there will be players from all countries included in this one.

Matches will typically take 90 minutes to finish, which is half the length of a T20 these days and exactly the length of a football game. Check the start time and end time in t10 cricket league schedule. This means, that across the four days of the competition, teams will be able to play five games a day with much ease.

T10 Schedule Images

T10 Schedule 2018 T10 Schedule 2018

T10 Schedule 2018



T10 Schedule 2018

The schedule was prepared after t10 cricket league draft. The Official Draft of T10 league dated: August 2018. In the draft, the T10 Management finalized the teams. Now you know that schedule you will definitely be desperate to know about the points table. Don’t worry. All information is available.

T10 Schedule 2018 PDF

Schedule of T10 league 2018  PDF

Do you want to know the Players Participating in T10 league?

Players of T10 league 2018

Teams are divided into two groups of four sides apiece this season.

Group A includes the following Teams,

For players, details click on the t10 league teams 2018

If you want to check the t10 cricket live score this is quite easy.

Group B includes the following Teams, 

For players, details click on t10 league teams 2018

Here is the link for t10 cricket live score

The draw for these two groups was held on August 26. So, now if you want to know about the teams/squads/members. Don’t go anywhere.

I have uploaded the details of all team players.

You must have heard about Icon Player.

Each team has an Icon Player, who is the key player of the team. Check out the icon player details. Coach details. Team members. Just click the link provided above and watch the teams.

What happened in T10 Cricket League 2017?

T10 league 2017 comprised of six teams. The teams were divided into two groups of three Teams.

Group A consisting of Bengal Tigers, Kerala Kings, and Punjabi Legends.

Group B having Maratha Arabians, Pakhtoon and Team Sri Lankan Cricket.

Very interesting format – Stage 2

Each side played two games in the group stage of the tournament. 2 teams from each group qualified for the next round.

The top team from Group A faced the 3rd position team of Group B.

2nd position teams from Group A and Group B played each-other. 3rd placed Group A team take on the Top Group B Team.

The teams placed fifth and sixth faced off for the wooden spoon.  The knock-out matches consist of two semi-finals and the final between the top four sides.

Some of the players involved in the tournament included

[table id=3 /]

The T10 cricket league schedule 2018 is available here. Check below. 

Value Added Information – T10 Cricket League 2018

The first ever edition of the T10 Cricket League is only days away. Therefore stay tuned to us at t10league.org.

Rules of T10 Cricket league 2018 – FAQS

Number of teams participating in T10 league 2018

The 2nd season of T10 league i.e 10 Cricket League 2018 will have 8 teams. In T10 League 2017 there were 6 teams. This year 2 new teams are playing the tournament. The 8 teams participating in the tournament are as follows;

  1. Maratha Arabians
  2. Karachians
  3. Northern Warriors
  4. Punjabi Legends
  5. Rajasthan Heroes
  6. Pakhtoons Squad
  7. Kerala Kings (Champions of T10 league 2017-2018)
  8. Bengal Tigers

A very interesting thing I like about this format of the cricket is that it pays special attention for the viewers to keep the game more and more interesting.

Do you Know?

Each team has sizzling starts. These Stars are the heartbeat of many in the globe. The star player of T10 league 2018 include,

  • Shahid Afridi
  • Eoin Morgan
  • Virender Sehwag
  • Shoaib Malik
  • Sarfaraz Ahmed
  • Dinesh Chandimal.
  • Darren Sammi
  • Kerion Pollard
  • Daren Smith
  • Andre Russel

Total No of matches played in the Tournament

Each team will play 1 match against its opponent team in the group, this will be round robin stage. This means that every team will play 3 matches in round robin stage. The format of T10 league 2017. Total Teams 6. Total Groups 2.

3 teams in Group A & 3 teams in Group B. You easily understand when you focus on t10 league 2018 schedule, fixture. Good chance this season then there will be 12 first round matches, followed by four second-round games and then the knock-outs but the format will soon be out. Therefore the Season 2 of T10 league will have the total of 16 Matches.

Number of overs bowled / innings

As this is the shorter format of the game, the total number of overs in single innings will be 10. Total it will be a 20 overs match.

Over Limit of a Single Bowler

Like we see in the ODI format. A single bowler can bowl 10 overs max in an innings. In T20 the max bowling quota per bowler is 4 overs. In T10 cricket, a single bower can bowl just  2 overs/ innings.

Where can you get the T10 league fixture 2018 info

All the information about T10 fixtures and time table in provided by the official T10 Site. The information source is the Official site of T10 League.

Total Number of Players in a Team

Each team consists of 11 players. Please Check T10 2018 league Teams

Time Duration of a match

A single innings will end in 45 mins approx, depending upon the over rate. A single T10 match duration is 90 minutes. This has brought more fame to the tournament. Now cricket is parallel to the soccer match. The time duration of a cricket match will now be equal to a soccer match.

Who is the t10 cricket league owner

Well owner will definitely be the ICC and tten cricket association. But what is in our knowledge is the Shaji Ul-Mulk is the Chairman of the league.





It is important to mention that t10league is not the official Website of T10 league.